Comtinu’s team has an extensive experience in excess of thirty years in developing and offering telecom solutions throughout these regions. We have partnered with a number of key international vendors to offer a broad range of Telecom solutions.

FSP 150 Carrier Ethernet transport solution

The ADVA FSP 150CC family of Ethernet access products provides devices for Carrier Ethernet 2.0 service demarcation, extension and aggregation to support delivery of intelligent Ethernet services both in-region and out-of-region. These include the extension of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services over available fiber, PDH and SONET/SDH facilities. Our FSP 150CC family allows service providers to ubiquitously deliver differentiated Ethernet services in business, mobile backhaul and open access applications.
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OSPInSight Software

OSPInSight® is the most intuitive and user-friendly network management system worldwide that enables and empowers your entire organization with network intelligence.

AFO Data Services

AFO Data Services provides you unmatched speed and accuracy in consolidating all your different data into one OSPInSight database, cleansing that data and then analyzing it through OSPInSight’s many reporting capabilities.

BridgeWave 60 & 80 GHz Wireless

BridgeWave Ethernet bridges deliver outstanding performance, reliability and security for those seeking the leading Fast Ethernet & GigE wireless point-to-point bridge solution in the industry. More Info…

BridgeWave FlexPort Wireless

BridgeWave’s FlexPort® family of high-capacity wireless solutions are well-positioned to fulfill a critical role for emerging 4G/WiMAX/LTE deployments worldwide. More Info…

QoS for Mobile, Wireline and IPTV service

Comtinu Partners with a number of manufacturers offering a broad range of network service assurance addressing the complete network infrastructure.

Fiber Testing & Monitoring Solutions

Viavi’s ONMSi enables you to integrate all your network operation and maintenance activities into your existing network management systems. More Info…

Time & Frequency Distribution

Around the world, Microsemi products provide the accuracy and precision required to set the clocks of the international timescale More Info…

Carrier Grade NTP Solutions

Microsemi offers Network Time Protocol (NTP) time servers that provide accurate, reliable, and secure time synchronization to Enterprise IT and telecommunications networks. More Info…

IEEE 1588 PTP Solutions

Microsemi’s best-in-class IEEE 1588 solutions address applications ranging from precise carrier class synchronization and precise time stamping to the test and measurement of PTP networks. More Info…

Phase Noise & Allan Deviation Test Sets

Microsemi’s digital, state-of-the-art digital test sets bring a paradigm shift to the way that phase noise and ADEV measurements are made. More Info…

Comtinu is the Master Distributor for Viavi Solutions throughout Middle-East and Africa

Transport and Datacom Testing

Viavi is leading the way in next-gen network deployments. At the core of Viavi’s expertise is a full range of test and measurement solutions designed to address our customers’ testing needs and to adapt to their different realities. More Info…

Field Optical Network Testing

Thanks to its fully integrated and complete test solution offering time-proven expertise, Viavi is a recognized leader in telecom network testing. Renowned for its field-smart innovative designs, Viavi is one of the world’s top supplier of portable optical test solutions. More Info…

Copper Access/Multiplay Testing

Viavi is the industry access leader in development of intelligent fault correlation and measurement test sets, these solutions are specifically designed to advance the network and eliminate guesswork. More Info…

FSP 3000 scalable optical transport solution

TOur FSP 3000 is a scalable optical transport solution designed to respond to today’s exploding bandwidth demands. Whether you’re a service provider or an enterprise, the modular design of our FSP 3000 ensures your networks are built on a flexible WDM foundation. Our FSP 3000 represents Optical + Ethernet provisioning for seamless end-to-end connectivity from the access to the metro and on to long haul.
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E7-20 Multi-Terabit Access System

The E7-20 Multi-Terabit Access System is designed for this world of the device enabled subscriber, seamlessly delivering existing fiber technologies (GPON, point-to-point GE / Active Ethernet) and bridging the gap to the high capacity, next generation fiber deployments of tomorrow. The 2 Terabit backplane with 100 Gbps connection to each line card slot ensures enough headroom for next generation 10G PON technologies as well as 100GE uplinks and transport. This approach results in superior operational efficiencies without sacrificing deployment flexibility or service functionality – allowing service providers to focus on revenue generating, game changing service delivery opportunities.
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E7-2 Modular Access System

The Calix E7-2 Modular Access System allows you to deploy the bandwidth you need now, with the flexibility to easily keep pace with accelerating change. Each E7-2 is a modular two-slot, 1RU chassis with a 100 Gbps non-blocking backplane that delivers any mix of VDSL2, GPON, Active Ethernet / point-to-point gigabit Ethernet, 10GE, and GE services. The result: a simple, cost-effective network architecture that delivers advanced services and expanded network capacity when you need it – where you need it – in 1RU increments. This approach produces superior operational efficiencies without sacrificing deployment flexibility or service functionality – allowing service providers to focus on revenue generating, game changing service delivery opportunities.
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Calix GigaFamily

The GigaFamily is a new generation of gigabit products that extend your access network into and throughout the home. GigaFamily products support GPON, Active Ethernet,, XGS-PON, and NGPON-2 broadband technologies. In addition, the GigaFamily includes gigabit Ethernet, Carrier Class 802.11acn Wi-Fi, and MoCA home networking options for data, voice, and video services distribution.

In combination with cloud based Compass software, the GigaFamily elevates the user experience to the next level with an unmatched quality of experience. Under the unified Compass management framework, service providers are able to accelerate service roll-out, increase quality of service, reduce operational costs, improve network efficiency, and create new revenue opportunities.

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Broadband Testing

Comtinu partners with Viavi for a complete solution of broadband services testing. This can be addressed with Fiber and Ethernet network analyzers as well as complete Service Assurance System to insure network reliability.

Cable Documentation

Comtinu partners with Advanced Fiber Optics (AFO) to offer solutions for fiber cable and network documentation. OSP Insight is AFO’s leading Software that is deployed by operators throughout the world. The SW integrates with Fiber Monitoring Systems of various vendors allowing total flexibility for the operators.

Carrier Ethernet

Comtinu partners with a number of manufacturers to offer a complete solution for Carrier Ethernet switches, network elements and optical modules. Similarly, Comtinu partners with Microsemi and Viavi to provide the complete timing sources and performance measurement equipment to insure total performance.


Comtinu partners with Adva optical to provide a scalable optical transport solution designed to respond to today’s exploding bandwidth demands.

Fiber Optic Testing

Comtinu partners with Viavi to offer a complete range of optical test instruments and systems. We offer a Remote Fiber Test System that can continuously monitor the health of the complete fiber network. Viavi is the world market leader in OTDR and Optical Spectrum Analysis solutions.


Comtinu partners with Calix, the biggest network equipment manufacturer focused on Access, to provide a total FTTH solution.

Microwave Communications

Comtinu offers a wide range of carrier grade microwave equipment covering all frequencies from 4 GHz up to 80 GHz. Our solutions address the Mobile Backhaul market as well as the normal microwave communications with data rates ranging from 40Mbps up to 3 Gbps.

Mobile Backhaul

Comtinu partners with a number of suppliers to offer the complete solution for Mobile Backhaul. Our offering incudes, but not limited to:

  • Synchronization solution
  • Microwave Communication in excess of 1000 Mb/s
  • Carrier Ethernet and DWDM solution
  • Fiber Management
  • Wireless and Wireline testing solutions
  • Service Assurance Solution

Service Assurance

Comtinu Partners with a number of manufacturers offering a broad range of network service assurance addressing the complete network infrastructure.

Synchronization Solution

Comtinu partners with Microsemi who is the world leader in synchronization equipment holding more than 70% worldwide market share, and the main manufacturer of Cesium clocks in the world. We offer complete range of timing sources and clocking solutions addressing the latest Sync E and PTP technologies. Most if not all the operators in this region are relying on Microsemi for the timing sources on their networks.

Service Solutions

Comtinu offers a range of Telecom Services, we enable our clients have an efficient and reliable networks. Some of these services include:

Fiber Characterization

Whether planning on increasing network capacity, deploying higher data rate optical systems on existing fibers, or acquiring dark fiber for network expansion; fiber characterization will be a top priority for deployment planning. Fiber characterization is required to ensure that ORL, OTDR, CD, PMD and OSA results meet the requirements to prevent traffic impairment for higher data rates such 10G, 40G and 100G. Comtinu has the expertise and solutions for the complete end-to-end fiber characterization, performed by expert technical engineers and overseen by dedicated project managers.


Whether your network is small or large, there is continuous demand to ensure your network documentation up-to-date. The constant splicing and re-routing of fiber cables creates the need for frequent updates , and optimum solution for this is an electronic documentations process that integrates with the rest of network elements and management systems. Comtinu’s expertise and dominance in fiber monitoring and management solutions enables our team to offer the optimum services.

Synchronization Audit

With the increasing complexity of telecom netwroks coupled with the migration into SyncE and 1588 from the legacy synchronization deployment, optimizing the timing sources deployment becomes an essential requirement for reliable networks. Comtinu’s team has the extensive knowledge of the synchronization networks and can provide complete network audit, analysis and recommendation on proper sync design.